2020 is hindsight. The future is yours to write.

Who will help you tell your future?

I have long been – and despite 2020’s best efforts still remain- a fan of futurist fiction. This year has certainly hit pretty close to the dystopian mark made in stories like Albert Brooks’ 2030, Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story, and Ling Ma’s Severance, to name a few. At the present, my futurist appetite is being fed by binging HUM∀NS on Amazon Prime.

Despite the dystopian bent of the genre, I am also drawn to the idea that the future has not been written, only imagined. The stories we tell about how our past and present shape and change us are still very much our own to tell. When we share the stories of who we are and what we do, we aren’t just looking at yesterday or today but we are actively creating the future we wish to see.

When I officially launched Ten Days Later on January 1, 2020, I had a particular story I wanted to tell about how I help others tell their story. It was a story that, shockingly, didn’t involve a global pandemic. And it certainly didn’t anticipate having to shut down operations two months in. And I can promise you the story didn’t involve a complete restructuring of my business model as a result of the realities of working virtually and at home with three children under five.

And yet, being forced to shut down and rethink how I work allowed me to develop the story coaching model I use today. It is both a more effective and impactful process for my clients and a much more rewarding experience for me. And this good, positive thing actually happened in 2020!

There are countless stories of individual and collective suffering, loss, fear, frustration, anxiety and uncertainty that could fill volumes of books about this unimaginable year. Those stories will always be important. But as we turn the corner into a new year still in the midst of this pandemic – though finally with some hope and light at the end of the tunnel – it’s time to consider the stories of transformation we need to tell. The stories of our future, forever changed, are still ours to create anew.

Who will help you evolve and tell your story for the world of tomorrow?

Stories don’t tell themselves

These two thing are true:

  1. The stories of who we are and what we do are constantly evolving
  2. Our stories are always a product of collaborative development, even if we’re not aware of it

We receive feedback and input from the world around us.- the people closest to us, our clients and our customers, the media, literature, television, podcasts, and more – that shape how we tell our stories. Most of the time, this is done unconsciously and, unless you’re a skilled writer, performer, speaker, the results can often be uneven, messy, and lacking in clarity.

As a story coach, my role is to guide you through filtering and incorporating this feedback – and provide you with additional inputs – to help you build deeper and more meaningful connections. This works whether you’re growing your business, your profile, or your network.

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